Promoting news and events

Please find on this page a listing of RISD’s primary news and events channels as well as information about:

News and events channels

The primary channels RISD uses to share timely news, events and updates are as follows:

In addition, there are a number of newsletters produced across RISD, including:

  • RISD in Motion for campus (President’s Office | Taylor Scott)
  • Faculty News for campus (Provost’s Office | submission form)
  • RISD at Work for employees (HR | Cassie Goryl)
  • Fine Arts for the division and those who opt in (Fine Arts | Laurie Chronley)
  • RISD Alumni Association newsletter for alumni (IA | Evan Gallivan)
  • RISD Families Association newsletter for families (IA | Evan Gallivan)
  • RISD Community Update for local community partners (President’s Office | Bethany Costello)
  • RISD in the Media, an opt-in roundup of media coverage and news stories (Media Group | Jaime Marland)

Hosting an event?

If it’s an event, workshop or other programming open to the RISD community and/or the broader public, post it on via the “Submit an Event” button, which will direct you to a Localist-powered events management platform. Anyone with a RISD email address and login credentials can post events.

Community-created events listings are a key source of content for other communication channels, such as social media. If you plan to record and post your event, include the following in the listing: “Please note: This event will be recorded and posted online by RISD and may also be posted by any external parties involved; please turn off your video if you do not wish to have your image shown."

Have alumni news to share?

Encourage alumni to submit their updates directly via the submission form. News published on the site will be considered for social media channels and other communication streams.

Have student, faculty, staff or departmental news to share?

Email it to Jaime Marland for consideration on institutional channels and, as relevant, the above newsletter managers.