Topline & supporting

Topline message

RISD’s immersive model of education—which emphasizes conceptually driven studio-based learning and robust study in the liberal arts—has never had more potential for greater impact. With a strong commitment to improving the world around them, our students develop the confidence and cross-disciplinary thinking and problem-solving skills needed to intervene in the critical social, political and environmental challenges of our time.

Supporting messages

Value for students

A RISD education transforms the way students see and think about the world around them and their place in it, encouraging them to exceed their own expectations, shape new creative perspectives and explore multiple pathways to meaningful work—in art and design and/or in fields not typically associated with creative output.

In joining RISD’s global community, students feel accepted for who they are—often for the first time in their lives. Here they are encouraged to listen and learn from others and advance RISD’s commitment to social equity and inclusion..

Local and global impact

As articulated in our new strategic plan, NEXT: RISD 2020–2027, the RISD community is focused on contributing to the creation of just societies, a sustainable planet and new ways of making and knowing that equip humans to live in mutually enhancing ways with each other and with the earth.

The broader value of art and design

Educating the public about the value of art and design to society has been a core part of RISD’s mission since it was founded in 1877 as both a college and museum. This notion is brought to life by articulating the joy and satisfaction students, faculty and alumni find in the work they do, showing the impact of their ideas on contemporary culture and also through robust programming at the RISD Museum.