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Topline message

RISD’s immersive model of education—which emphasizes conceptually driven studio-based learning and robust study in the liberal arts—has never had more potential for greater impact. With a strong commitment to improving the world around them, our students develop the confidence and cross-disciplinary thinking and problem-framing and solving skills needed to intervene in the critical social, political and environmental challenges of our time.

Supporting messages


RISD is navigating this pandemic guided by our values and three goals: public health and safety, academic integrity and financial viability. We will work to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the RISD community and our surrounding communities. We will honor the educational model for which RISD is renowned. We will not be afraid to adapt—sometimes dramatically—to survive and thrive in the future.

Social Equity & Inclusion

Through a new set of actions launched in summer 2020 and building on its 2017 Social Equity and Inclusion action plan, RISD is committed to becoming an institution where students, faculty and staff of all races, orientations, identities, abilities, faiths, ethnicities and cultures are supported, nourished and honored without the impediments of systemic racism and its adjoining systems of discrimination. RISD must reflect the complexity of the world and demonstrate the critical role of artists and designers in advancing consequential, scaled change. RISD is committed to evolving the college, museum and community in an effort that is not just about eliminating racism, but about being proactively anti-racist.