​RISD account policies


Social media accounts that represent an official Rhode Island School of Design entity or group (e.g., a department or division) are considered to be sponsored by the college. Therefore, the creation of such accounts requires approval from both the Public Relations Director in RISD’s Media Group and the head of the area requesting the new account. All social media sites, both new and existing, must follow the policies outlined below.

Account approval

It may be useful for some departments to create social media accounts specific to their areas, as having active and engaged specialized accounts can be a great way to connect with specific audiences. Conversely, having several accounts at RISD that share the same or similar information—especially if some aren’t consistently active—can clutter and dilute RISD’s social media presence and make it more confusing for people to connect with RISD.

To ensure that RISD has a strong and strategic presence on social media, RISD’s Media Group is charged with determining the right mix of specialized accounts. If you think it might make sense for your area to have an account, please contact PR Director Jaime Marland for consideration. In deciding whether to approve the request, Jaime and her colleague Danielle Mancuso will talk with you about how having an account might help achieve your goals and contribute to RISD’s overall social media ecosystem. They will also talk with you about how the account would be managed to understand if your department has enough capacity to create content, monitor conversations and engage followers.

If your account request is approved, the PR team will help you set up your account and provide guidance on fostering a strong presence.

Once your account is live, you will be added to the RISD Social Media Managers Group. This group works together to identify ways to both strengthen RISD’s overall social media presence and amplify individual departmental efforts. You will gain access to the group’s Google site, which offers information and resources.

If your account request is not approved, the PR team will talk with you about ways that your department’s news could be promoted through RISD’s existing social media accounts and other communications channels.

​Content & deletion

RISD social media accounts are intended to inform users of RISD-related news and events and to foster community. Anything posted on official RISD social media sites by employees or students—including RISD-funded organizations such as student clubs—should be in alignment with the institution’s values. The institution reserves the right to edit or delete disparaging, inappropriate and/or offensive posts, including content that violates RISD policy or federal or state law.

Emergency situations

In the event of a level 3 or level 4 emergency (e.g., major weather emergency or imminent danger on campus—see emergency.risd.edu for more information), the RISD Media Group will take operational control of all RISD-related accounts. Managers of these accounts are not permitted to post (about the emergency or any other topic) until they receive authorization from the Media Group.