Social media

Bringing the RISD experience to life on social media is an engaging way to connect with our key audiences, such as prospective students and faculty members, current community members, including alumni, and the broader international art and design community. We do this through:

  • institutional accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, which are run by Jaime Marland and Danielle Mancuso (RISD’s PR team, along with Simone Solondz)
  • and a number of more focused accounts that offer an in-depth look at various areas of the college thanks to the efforts of community members across campus.

Collectively these accounts determine the strength of RISD’s social media presence. Ideally, they offer vibrant content that robustly reflects what is happening at RISD and engages our key audiences.

Any member of our community can help bolster RISD’s social media presence by suggesting content to share via RISD’s accounts (please direct suggestions to Jaime Marland and Danielle Mancuso) and by engaging with RISD on social media in alignment with RISD’s personal use policy.

If you manage or contribute to an existing RISD account:

If you’d like to propose a new account, review RISD’s account approval policy and then reach out to Jaime and Danielle.