Emergency communications

During a campus emergency, the Media Group is charged with directing all outgoing communications from the institution in coordination with RISD’s Emergency Operations Command Team (EOCT).

The team will communicate timely and accurate information via posts on emergency.risd.edu. RISD!Alert text messages, emails and push notifications (to the LiveSafe app), risd.edu and the institution’s social media accounts will direct people to the emergency site for the latest updates.

With input where possible from the staff members who represent each key audience, the Media Group will assess which audiences need to be communicated with directly, what information each needs and which communications vehicles are most appropriate.

Colleagues in the President’s Office, Continuing Education and the RISD Museum are trained to execute the emergency communications plan in the event RISD Media is unable to do so.

To ensure that all community members receive emergency notifications, we encourage you to keep your emergency contact information up-to-date in WebAdvisor and download the LiveSafe app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.