Given that many faculty and staff members speak and write about RISD as part of their work here, the Media Group offers this guide as a means of helping all of us create strong, clear and consistent communications to engage and inform our key external audiences. These audiences include prospective students and their parents, donors, alumni, other artists and designers, the higher education community, government policy makers and potential employers of RISD graduates, among others—all with varying degrees of knowledge about the fields of art and design and the value of a RISD education.

Communications emanating from RISD vary in tone depending on audience, source, purpose, platform and method of dissemination. That said, ideally each will convey a clear, thoughtful and well-conceived message that reflects our high standards, the energy and diversity of our community, the educational values taught here and most importantly, the human qualities that give RISD personality and dimension.

With that in mind, this guide offers:

  • key messages that can be tailored for given audiences based on their interests, needs and level of understanding of RISD, with messaging guidance to inform a broad range of communications
  • editorial styles that include our approach to voice, tone, RISD-specific words and locations, along with tips on punctuation, capitalization and other grammatical best practices
  • visual styles that include RISD’s interim identity palette and access to a collection of photographs that capture the RISD experience
  • social media policies and tips to help continue to strengthen RISD’s social media presence

In addition, you’ll find stories and examples that illustrate these messages in communications vehicles such as:

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Kerci Marcello Stroud, RISD’s chief marketing + communications officer, at